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After a terrific 2019 season where we competed in several festivals, play-dates, and tournaments, we were set to build on our successes in 2020.  We designed some killer new jerseys, received a girls equipment grant from US Lacrosse, and practices, games, festivals and tournaments were scheduled and ready to go.  Then we had to social-distance - which is problematic for team sports, especially fast-paced, high-intensity sports like lacrosse.

And so we waited.  We baked, we played board games, we watched movies, and we practiced a lot of lacrosse.  But lacrosse wasn’t as fun because we missed having teammates.

Fear not, the pandemic has settled to a point where we can once again gather in groups and play lacrosse.  We have to do it sensibly, but we can get players back on the field to condition, build skills, learn about the game of lacrosse, and have fun.  We have camps planned throughout July and in August.  Click on Register to get involved.


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